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James Shelton - Tao and Liberation

POCA Tech student James Shelton discusses his independent study into the tao and liberation, meditation, and gives an example of qi gong practice.

This presentation is the second of six from a POCA Tech student-organized show & tell event that occurred on March 10, 2017 at the POCA Tech

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In Celebration of Miriam Lee's Birthday

Recently, my friend Lisa B. of Guelph Community Acupuncture directed me to a podcast by Tada Hozumi on understanding our cultural nervous system and the queering of identities. Tada had a ton of interesting things to say -- I recommend listening -- but one particular point they made is

We Heart Our Community Partners

This blog is a plug for three things:

1) a new video, up on POCA Tv, of a Suicide Prevention Training that WCA put on for its punks.


A few months back, we got our quarterly newsletter

What I'm Learning in Acupuncture School: Liberation Acupuncture

Since the early days of starting up POCA Tech, Skip has been periodically reminding me of a quote, “In any classroom, the teacher always learns more than the students.” I’ve never been able to successfully track down the source, but at this point I know

Liberation Acupuncture FAQs

How is POCA Tech's Liberation Acupuncture program different than a TCM program or a 5 Element program?

The Liberation Acupuncture program is focused on training people who will serve marginalized people by making acupuncture available to them on their own terms. The focus is on praxis, on

POCAfest Keynote: Dangerous Potential

Thank you all for coming.

I'd like to acknowledge that we're on the traditional territory of the Miwok people, and I'd like to acknowledge and thank everyone who made it possible for us to be here, including the people who built these buildings and

Providence POCAfest 2015 Keynote: Collapse, Liberation, and the Power of Words

Collapse, Liberation, and the Power of Words



As is our custom in POCA, I’d like to start by acknowledging that this is the traditional home of the Narragansett people, and that we’re visitors here.


Trauma-Informed Care, Integrative Medicine, and Us (All of Us)

I’ve always had complicated feelings about the term “integrative medicine”. In the last year or so, they’ve gotten even more complicated because I’ve discovered that I’ve been practicing integrative medicine without realizing it. For the last two years (going

Liberation Acupuncture Q & A

Wait, what?!?

Please read this press release.


Please read “Why Liberation Acupuncture?”  Keyword: social.

No, really, why? Wasn’t community acupuncture enough?

Good question.  Most people found the community acupuncture model after Skip