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Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, & Lifestyle Advice

At last, a video that answers the question, "Is there some contradictory-ass shit in the body of knowledge that is Traditional Chinese Medicine?" We know you were wondering. Also, cameo appearances by Hattie McHatterson.

Superpunks on Weight Loss and Stop Smoking

What do you say when a patient asks you if acupuncture can help them lose weight? Quit smoking?

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More on Privilege:

A great (old, re-introduced) article by Rebecca Solnit is making the rounds of the interwebs lately.  Nominally, it explains the phenomenon that has become known by the shorthand “mansplaining,” but I think a lot of what she’s saying applies to the workings of privilege in general, and how

Why We Give Treatments and Not Advice


A regular at the clinic and I had an excellent conversation a few weeks back.   What initially began as Lisa asking how we were doing finding a replacement for our friend/colleague Tracy who recently moved to Vermont to open a clinic, turned into an exchange