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On Locate-A-Clinic Changes, Circles, and POCA

The requirements for being listed as a POCA clinic on the Locate A Clinic page have changed. This is the summary of the changes: The main difference is this: In order to be eligible for LOC approval, all acupuncture treatments must be provided in a group or community setting

POCA: Past, Present, and Future. A Very Quick and Dirty Guide


Kinda funny to talk about POCA's history when it is less than a year old, huh? Still, we are growing so fast with so many possibilities that it is easy to forget how fast we are changing. So let's start our history lesson...   Its

Explaining the Locate-a-Clinic rules in detail


So we made some changes to LOC last week. Let's go over them, and explain the meaning behind the rules as they are in many ways the heart of POCA and CA. In doing this you should also read Michelle's piece as what I am writing here is

Reflections on the Map, On Thanksgiving 2010

My how we've grown!

The above picture is of Working Class Acupuncture's map of Community Acupuncture (CA) clinics in the US and Canada. What is arranged on the outside are business cards from almost all of the CA clinics. WCA's patients can take

Oh, the Places You'll Go!

Have you looked at the CAN Google Map lately?(A million thanks to MichelleF for creating this beautiful thing).It’s amazing.Every week there are more pins on the map, and more actual pins on the physical map hanging on my waiting room wall.So many new pins,

Get on the Map!

hello CANers! got a bit of that spring fever yet? feeling a little burst of energy? well, i've got a little project for you that will be worth every ounce of effort and will have weeks and months of on-going return.

have you noticed the CA clinics

Why We Did This CAN Thing

Last night at work I had one of those lovely moments of gratitude and fulfillment -- courtesy, of course, of a patient.  Bethany has been seeing me since early 2005; she just graduated from law school, so she's been dealing with all the different kinds of stress associated with that