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70 in 5

I treated 70 patients (28 were new) in 5 hours on May Day.

But this blog this isn’t about me or my competitive streak. It’s really the opposite: it’s

A Tale of Two Free Days

Hey here's my tale of two free days, so you can understand how sometimes everything can go right and sometimes everything a go wrong at the same time.  As a part of the Winona downtown Fringe Festival I decided to offer a free hour from 5-6pm on April 2

May Day!!!

Howdy folks.  With our big (un)official holiday just around the corner I thought we could have a little discussion on what May Day means to CAN and now POCA.  Why does May Day matter to you, your clinic, and your community?


PS- if

Participate in the CAN May Day Celebration: Build Community and Market Your Clinic!

So I hope everyone's heard of the CAN May Day Celebration. Clinics can participate by offering Free Acupuncture on Saturday May 1st to everyone!

Much thanks to Jessica, the May Day Committee, the CAN Board for organizing this. There's page on the CAN website to promote community

Happy May Day!

So today is the day that we give free acupuncture all day long in honor of International Workers' Day! I am delighted to report that all six of WCA's acupunks graciously agreed to work today (including Moses and Christine, who normally have Thursdays off) and as of last night,