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Making acupuncture and wellbeing affordable

Read the article: 


Accessibility and Community Acupuncture Clinics

by Mark Fox

I became interested in Community Acupuncture (CA) while a patient at David Kato’s Chicago-based clinic.  As a professor with an interest in social entrepreneurship, the business model aspects of CA fascinate me; particularly, the ideas of increasing accessibility and the sliding

2010: Making Media and Culture

I don't want to distract any attention from the conversation going on below, but I've only got 2 more days to finish this 2010 retrospective on the CAN blog, before we're into 2011 and retrospectives start to look a little silly. So! Not only was this past year full of fascinating interactions

2010: a Year of Pricking, Prodding, and Provoking

You know what, comrades, this was a very interesting year for CAN and particularly for the CAN blog. So much happened that I think we need a 3 part post -- at least -- just to reflect on it all.

Part 1: CAN vs. the

Blue Poppy Authors Laud CA

Omnipresent OM authors Honora Lee Wolfe and Bob Flaws have recently posted separate entries on the Blue Poppy Press blog pages, praising community acupuncture.

Read Wolfe's here and Flaw's here.

While over-emphasizing the appeal of CA for younger practitioners in my opinion, each make a

Community Acupuncture and TCA on PBS

Arizona Illustrated from PBS visited Tucson Community Acupuncture a few weeks ago to do a story. 

Here's the links:

link # 1: As the new administration gears up to reform the nation's health care system, two local acupuncturists are already working to revolutionize alternative medicine in Tucson. <

Community Acupuncture and CommuniChi featured on The Environment Report

The story is entitled: "Acupuncture for the Masses". I thought the reporter Ann did an excellent job of composing this story in a new and interesting way that is especially relevant to the times - lowering the carbon footprint for medicine. Did anyone hear it live on NPR?

Super Bowls and Acupuncture

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everybody! Are you excited? Going to a Super Bowl party? Got any money riding on the outcome? Before you start your festivities I'd like you to read a blurb from Sports Illustrated's Peter King. Take a gander and lets look at some of the implications

Circle CA in 944 Magazine

This month's issue of 944 Magazine has an article about Circle CA. To see a preview of the article, click here, and then select the San Francisco edition. It will give you a page by page slide show of the entire magazine. We are on p.37.

New article about CA in California Journal of Oriental Medicine

I posted this in the Forums, but thought I'd re-post here in order to give more folks access. This article is called: How Community Clinics Can Transform Acupuncture and was written by my business partner, Pam Chang, of the Yes! / Utne fame. It is a very good very detailed

High Gloss Surprise

WCA just showed up in Portland's shiniest periodical, Portland Monthly Magazine, in their "Best of the City" issue: "our surefire, gotta-get-cracking, must-do list of the city's most fabulous people, places, and things". And not even in the "local color"  section, in the beauty section of all places. Of course,

Philadelphia press: I like the way qi moves

There's a link below to a recent Citypaper article about our clinic - it uses the same photo we gave to the Utne reader (but there's a caption this time, and I quoted part of it in my blog title).  

After a slow June, it seems like

Community Access TV and CA

Chalk this up as yet another lesson from the never-ending “Let Your Community Help Build Your Community Acupuncture Clinic” lecture we've heard so often on CAN.

Having been impressed by acupuncture in general and happy with her experience at her local community acupuncture clinic up here in

Energy Marketing

I was announced a winner this week in the StartRight! Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneur’s through the Rockville Economic Department. http://www.rockvilleredi.org/news/news.html I’m thrilled because there were 39 entries from MD, DC, and VA.  The other winners were all very high-tech business,