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Beloved Community and the Spring Membership Drive

Community is an essential aspect of my life, a realization brought home recently by my mother’s death. My mother was a solitary person, an individualist, who feared exposure: she kept to herself. She was fond of animals, and though she was a nurse, people simply made her

Stillpoint and the Automatic Membership model

Stillpoint Community Acupuncture opened in August 2011, in the small town of Langford BC, a pocket community of Victoria. Since we opened, we have provided over 13,000 treatments, and have only twice dipped into our overdraft, something that we are quite proud of.

About a year ago we began

Reflections on the Membership Drive

After POCA's first Membership Drive back in May, I realized something important: when it came to signing up new patient/community members for POCA, WCA was remarkably similar to another common citizen of the Pacific Northwest -- a slug. Especially if you factored in our size relative to

POCA's Formula is People Helping People

Remember the first day of kindergarten? I do. I was excited and terrified. Who should I sit next to? Would the teacher be nice? Will I make friends? Why does the paste smell funny? Well, opening a new community acupuncture clinic is a lot like your first day of school.

Today is a pretty amazing day.

Today is a pretty amazing day, and I am going to tell you all why. But first, a little backstory: Community acupuncture was invented to serve two groups of people: punks (who wanted stable jobs) and patients who wanted access to affordable acupuncture. Everything about our clinics is set

New POCA member benefit --- Sharps Disposal, Pick Up & more...

fellow POCA members,

Our cooperative has a new member benefit that directly affects day to day clinic expenses in a good way---discounted sharps pick–up and delivery service!

Stericycle is offering all POCA clinics a 20% discount off of the ground floor price of your

Birth of a Clinic: On Mapupuncture and Membership

Eight months down the road now, and we’ve reached another milestone, of sorts. We just exceeded 333 active patients in our POCApoint database; we are now one-third of the way to the magical 1000 mark.

We also just wrapped up our busiest week ever. It’s

Fall Membership Drive is Here!

In one week, on October 1, we’re starting another membership drive, for a month.  To recruit punk and patient members, clinic and org members.  Why?  Because we’ve been able to achieve SO MUCH this year, and we want to be able to do more.

grunt work, and why I love being a Welcome Wagon volunteer

I was hesitant when Cris Montiero and Melissa Tiernman asked me to head up the POCA Welcome Wagon committee. Why? For a few reasons. I was a lousy Welcome Wagon volunteer when Kim Deane was the coordinator (Sorry, Kim). It's time consuming to sit down and call EVERY POCA Member

Why I Joined POCA

I Joined POCA because I wanted to see models for health care and business that were sane, and where people power and helping each other is more important than politics and profits.


There are so many reasons to JOIN POCA- Let's hear yours.<

Why should you join POCA?

Let members of POCA's governing body, the General Circle, tell you why they think POCA is great!


Professional Organization Development

A little over a year ago, POCA was just a glint in the eye of a few people.  Now, just a year later, POCA is a professional organization in the eyes of AAAOM and NCCAOM, and as Spike pointed out AAAOM cancelled their conference for lack of participation

Who is POCA really for?


As we have been making the shift from CAN to POCA, I've noticed a thread of comments here and there with a similar theme. They all express the idea that POCA is different from CAN in one major respect: the adjustment of our member clinics