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Open Sourcing Modern Acupuncture: Part Four, Stamina

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a prospective POCA Tech student, who described to me his efforts to research acupuncture schools. He told me that he spoke with a current student at a Classical Chinese Medicine program, who reacted with horror when he heard that the prospective student

Open Sourcing Modern Acupuncture, Part Three: Hope

Let’s talk about all the good things that could come out of Modern Acupuncture and their amazingly expensive experiment. I’m serious.

For as long as we’ve had the community acupuncture model, people have been doing weird shit with it. That list

Open Sourcing Modern Acupuncture, Part Two: Trouble

After I read this article in the Franchise Times, a multiple choice question popped into my mind. (Yeah, that happens. More about that in a minute.) What do you get if you cross the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture with Massage Envy?

a) Modern Acupuncture

Here's to Open Sourcing: Modern Acupuncture, Part One

It’s the time of year for retrospectives, and this from our friends at Acupuncture Today caught my eye: “Modern Acupuncture started a movement with the tagline, Let’s Tingle.”

Ah, Modern Acupuncture. I have such complicated feelings. On one hand, I