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BOOK REVIEW: Poke, A Community Acupuncturist’s Tale

Like many people, the pandemic inspired me to start writing a book.  Our colleague, Dr. Steve Knobler from North Seattle Community Acupuncture actually published a book: Poke, A Community Acupuncturist’s Tale.

I searched the internet for other works of fiction about acupuncture and I

POCA is Closed

"POCA is closed."

There was a momentary silence after James Lorr aka “Jimmy Jabs” spoke those three words during a Zoom meet-up on Monday, March 16.  Justine Meyers organized the on-line hangout.  Many of us gathered together to check in, to share information and

POCAfest Marin Keynote: Chronic Pain and Endurance, by Jeff Levin of SOAP

Welcome to POCAfest. My name is Jeff and I’m a proud punk and the co-owner of Sacramento Oakland Acupuncture Project, affectionately known as SOAP. We keep it clean.

We’ve all come an impressively long way doing community acupuncture. I’ve heard that

Why more punks in more places…

"Why more punks in more places… Because the woman who was stung by a bee last week needed relief that creams didn’t give her and didn’t want a steroid shot for pain and inflammation.

Because the older woman who comes for pain

The Vows of Hua Tuo and Sun Si Miao..Actually Carried Out

Ok folks, bear with me-I’m gunna get a little idealistic and woo-y- BUT it’s grounded in reality-I promise.

Vow of Hua Tuo:

Treat people equally irrespective of their high or low status, of their poverty or wealth, of their distinction or

To Be Safe for Myself and Others (Guest Post by Jade Fang)

I guess I am in my 9th year as a part of POCA and before that CAN.

I've seen a lot of things happen and wanted to help articulate something.

POCA's mission is to work cooperatively to increase accessibility to and availability of

Tangled Up in POCA-


Shelby here, an enthusiastic punkling at POCA Tech and membership circle volunteer, knee deep in the membership drive. In preparation for the membership drive, I had the honor of interviewing and collecting posts from folks in POCA so that y'all could read, enjoy and be

Too Much All The Time: Ask Uncle Andy

Thanks to all who wrote with great hiring questions, to share difficult circumstances (not fit for this blog, unfortunately) and to ask for a bit of clinic space-searching advice.  I loved hearing from you all.

This question is submitted by a reader

If Dear Abby & Reddit's AMA had a love-child: POCA's Ask Uncle Andy

If you're like me, working as an acu-punk brings opportunity to answer many and various questions - from folks visiting clinic, from one's own co-workers and colleagues and of course from the generally acu-curious. 

So many questions in fact, I wrote a little book

POCA Calendar Photo Submission/Contest!


This is Jade. I am working on the POCA Calendar. I'd love it if you all could email me your photos or hilariously photoshop some existing photos. :D I remember the last POCA Calendar had a group at POCAfest with their heads photoshopped onto a 300

Why We Belong to POCA

People need community and human connection and while the physical community is slowing shrinking the online community grows.  I've been told that the average person spends 1 hours each day on Facebook.  Even though people are not physically seeing each other as much, we as humans still

Membership Drive Post #6: the View from the Shady Lady

A week ago Thursday I attended the second-ever meeting (my first) of the Cully Boulevard Business Alliance, at the Shady Lady Tavern at the five-way intersection of Cully Blvd, NE 60th Ave, and NE Prescott St. If you look on a map that shows the incidence of crime in

All the Things That Didn't Happen (and Some of the Things That Did)

As I was editing Cris and Skip's video about deprogramming, I got to thinking about a conversation we had here a couple of years ago. A POCA comrade who now runs a very successful clinic said on the forums that the most essential thing the CA movement gave

Ironic? Maybe. Upsetting? Yes.

This is my first journey into the world of blogs. I read them, but I don’t write them. But some interactions with local acupuncturists stirred something up for me recently. Normally when someone isn’t supportive or excited about what I do, I acknowledge my frustration and

Stone Soup and Social Business: a Confession

You know the folk tale called Stone Soup, right? I was doing some work on WCA's manual for POCA volunteers today and I realized I needed to put this in. (Note: thanks to Kevin Campopiano for originally pointing this out.)

A poor soldier is traveling home

How to be a Successful Punk by Joe Walsh as told to Nic Harcourt

I'm always trying to explain to people the trick to becoming a good Punk, a good Acupuncturist, and a good Community Acupuncture clinic. It's not easy, trying to explain this, in part because it is so simple and we always want to complicate things, right? Yep. It

The Forgotten Language


Below is one of my favourite poems of all time.  I think about it from time to time, especially when I am in the clinic, and it's busy and I'm humming along doing what I know to be really Good Work.


Like many of my colleagues, there are many things about being a community acupuncturist (A.K.A: Acupunk) that remind me of my time working in food service.  When I have a full schedule, the pace of being in the busy clinic is identical to being in a

Picking My Head Up and Looking at the Big Picture


Sometimes it's exhilarating to look up, to feel connected, and to realize we are not alone, we are all working together and helping each other.


I love POCA.


I love the community it's created

Why should you join POCA?

Let members of POCA's governing body, the General Circle, tell you why they think POCA is great!


Big Points I Use

Just a simple and fun post here. I remember back in acu-school, first class point location and the teacher there saying that while there are over 360 points we'll be learning, in reality he only uses 50 of them regularly. And as far as he could tell that was true

Your Acupuncture Education Is Like A House

Your Acupuncture education is like a house. It’s a big expensive house and one with lots of curb appeal. Once you get inside you realize that much of it is not very useful. There are hallways that lead to nowhere. Things are constantly breaking down. The furnace

What I Learned By Not Going (To the CANference)

…I learned that I want to go next year, and that I thought of the folks there in Portland the whole weekend. But that is not the take-away message. It’s not even the take-away message that it needed to have been closer (it didn’t)

Hot Potato

So, I was walking into the treatment room to unpin one of my patients, and just as I opened the door I hear country music BLASTING through the room. The patient right in front of me was rocking out with her head phones on (wireless) that had just died.

Musings from a CA Newbie

New to the CAN blogs, I think it best that I introduce myself. I’m Steve, a newbie in the  Community Acupuncture movement and one who’s returned from a long hiatus after my BA practice. In essence, I’m starting fresh with almost no

Community Acupuncture and the Emperor

I just left the clinic and bumped into the Emperor coming up the stairs in the Community Center where CommuniChi is located - well, sort of anyways. Governor Christine Gregoire was dressed in work pants and a United Way t-shirt and was flanked by other volunteers as part of

Why I Practice Community Acupuncture

While practicing the style taught in U.S. Chinese Medicine schools, I read these articles written by Lisa Rohleder in 2006-07 for Acupuncture Today (the paper versions):

"Acupuncture and Social Entrepreneurship", March '06 http://www.acupuncturetoday.com/mpacms/at/article.php?id=30335


"My God...We can put these things closer together than we ever imagined."

I drove 1,773 miles in June to attend a Dr. Tan Conference. I stopped at Starbucks no less than 15 times on the 30-hour drive. I could have stopped for more. Had I wanted to, I could have grabbed a java every 15-30 minutes--from Maryland to Chicago--because there were that many

On Whispering in Our Clinics

I have a clinic that is so small, we whisper in the waiting/reception area.  Some time ago I found this and saved it, and now cannot remember where I got it!  But I'd like to share it with other Whispering

beach treasures

Reading the CAN blog is like walking on a beach and picking up treasures...pretty stones, shells, admiring the uniqueness in each individual's way of expression. I like to leave Nature the way I found it, put down the pretty stones and shells so other creatures can use them,