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Time to Make Friends!

(outside of the acupuncture profession)

That’s the theme of our upcoming June 1-2 workshop in PDX.  It’s all about relationship-building, reaching out, and cultivating partnerships and alliances among like-minded people and organizations -- who are often more friendly to community acupuncture than

POCA and Public Health Workshop

Please save the date!

for what? a meeting with your comrades about POCA’s developing relationships with public health initiatives

when? Fri June 1 and Sat June 2 2018 in Portland OR;  on Sunday June 3rd there will be a NADA regional meeting, so if you

Reflections from NADA conference

I attended (part of) the annual NADA conference in KC, MO this past weekend (didnt want to miss Friday at the clinic) and was impressed by a few different things.  Dr Michael Smith in his closing remarks had some choice words for LAcs.  He said that licensing for acupuncturists