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Birth of a Clinic, part 2: Love Letter to a Rolling Stool

Last Thursday marked the one-month anniversary (monthiversary?) of Guelph Community Acupuncture. Naomi was right, once the clinic is set up there’s still a mountain of work to be done – but, this mountain is a lot more fun. I am endlessly pleased to be spending the majority

Birth of a Clinic: "growing healthy toge her"

GCA opens its doors to the public, THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. It’s been a super-intense couple of weeks in preparation. I think that even if I didn’t have to sleep, or eat, I’d still have an unwieldy list of things to do. I

An End to Self-Care

Thanks to Ellen Vincent for pointing out this terrific blog post: An End to Self Care. Read and discuss! (Much different from the last article I linked to; don't worry, therapy animals will not be required this time.)

And then! Read this terrific response which disagrees

It's All the Same

I've been working on materials for the Big Damn Clinic workshop and an analogy occurred to me. Having coworkers in a CA clinic (owners, employees, punks, receptionists, all categories) is a lot like treating patients in a CA clinic. Whether you are the owner or the employee, the

POCA's Code of Ethics: It'll Be Interesting

Hey comrades, we need to put together an ethics statement for POCA. Cris put out a call for volunteers recently but I don’t think we’ve exactly been deluged with eager applicants. In fact, I can all but hear the groans of  “ oh no,