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Occupy Acupuncture – Power to the POCA

Last night I stopped by Occupy Seattle’s Meditation tent to sit in solidarity with non-violent peaceful freedom loving individuals enduring 40 degree damp chill. The twenty minute meditation was joined by about a half dozen other people as the rest of the encampment milled about prior to the General

Gertrude and the Question of Class - By LisaB

Before I worked at Poke I had a lot of angst, despite my solidly middle-class background, about trying to make a living as a health care professional. This was partially bewilderment about how to make private treatments accessible and still make a living (I didn't know about community

Community Acupuncture and the 99 Percent

Community acupuncture has much in common with the Occupy movement. There is urgent need to reform laws and cultural mores which legitimize obscene financial wealth and extravagant indulgence for the one percent. With seven billion people trying to live together on the planet, it is time for the age