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Clinic Tour: Acupuncture Together in Austin

Ashley O’Brian of Acupuncture Together in Austin put this clinic tour together to celebrate the clinic's fourth anniversary.  Acupuncture Together in Austin is currently  sees between 140- 160 patients per week in 40 hours.  Congratulations of your first 4 years!

Clinic Tour: Jersey Community Acupuncture

Take a look at Nicole Maniez's clinic, Jersey Community Acupuncture.  Thanks for creating such a great video and showing us your clinic Nicole!  

Ashland Community Acupuncture Tour

A tour of Ashland Community Acupuncture in Ashland, MA, owned by POCA Finance Circle volunteer SizzleK, aka Steve Kingsbury. 8 chairs, 5 years old, and very lovely and well-organized. Thanks to Cris for filming and Steve for inviting us in to your space!

Evolution of a Clinic

This video shows the growth of Providence Community Acupuncture from its start in 2006 as an 11-chair clinic making extremely creative use of a medical office, to the rocking 20-chair Big Damn Clinic it is today. There's nothing like getting the visuals for how to transform a blank-slate corporate

Cris Interviews Andy about Starting Clinic #2

You've had the tour of MAS Nashua; don't you want to hear about what went down behind the scenes? Andy tells Cris all the details of making clinic #2 happen: finding the space, lease negotiations, schedules and staffing.

How to use Practice Fusion by Jean-Paul of Stillpoint CA

Thinking about using Practice Fusion for charting in your community acupuncture clinic?  Jean- Paul of Stillpoint Community Acupuncture shows you how.

A Tour of MAS Nashua: Now with Furniture!

Cris of PCA visits Andy of MAS at his new clinic and gets the new and improved tour! Caution: some adult language.

Theft and the New Clinic (Ask Skip and Lisa)

New punks ask Skip and Lisa lots of interesting questions, such as, "what if my employees are stealing from me?" This video is about hiring, setting intentions, and the weird things that can happen when your clinic is new.

Class and Classism in Community Acupuncture

Lisa Rohleder talks about the prevalent class issues that exist in acupuncture practice in the West and how the community acupuncture model is designed to provide access to people who otherwise wouldn't get acupuncture. Mature language alert: Lisa can't seem to talk about class without swearing. A

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On Beginning, Again - for new and old punks. Part 1, Guest Post by Cait Cain

I’m finally writing a POCA blog - my name is Cait and I own Lincoln Acupuncture Project here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some say adaptability is what keeps us alive, but it’s also what keeps us engaged, expanding, growing and learning as individuals and, as a

POCA's Formula is People Helping People

Remember the first day of kindergarten? I do. I was excited and terrified. Who should I sit next to? Would the teacher be nice? Will I make friends? Why does the paste smell funny? Well, opening a new community acupuncture clinic is a lot like your first day of school.

Birth of a Clinic: On Mapupuncture and Membership

Eight months down the road now, and we’ve reached another milestone, of sorts. We just exceeded 333 active patients in our POCApoint database; we are now one-third of the way to the magical 1000 mark.

We also just wrapped up our busiest week ever. It’s

Birth of a Clinic: POCAFest Presentation, Friday May 31st

I’m going to start by telling you how nervous I am, and that I might talk too quickly. If I’m going too fast, give me a signal, please, and I’ll try to slow down. I need to acknowledge that we’re on

Birth of a Clinic: on skullcap, recliner placement, and finding my way around

As our patient base grows and grows, and more and more people are finding their way around the clinic, so am I. I realised this morning that the steady, intense overwhelm of a month ago or so has definitely receded.

This is partially due to skullcap herb.

Birth of a Clinic, part 2: Love Letter to a Rolling Stool

Last Thursday marked the one-month anniversary (monthiversary?) of Guelph Community Acupuncture. Naomi was right, once the clinic is set up there’s still a mountain of work to be done – but, this mountain is a lot more fun. I am endlessly pleased to be spending the majority

I've Been Asked to Write a blog about my CA Journey

I've been asked to write a blog post on my CA journey.

Some background: I've been in practice since 1995 in a variety of settings. I worked in a rheumatologist's office, a community HIV clinic, a CAM clinic at a hospital. I had private room practices in various

On Community Acupuncture and D.I.T.*


Last week I signed a five-year lease for a ground floor clinic space in downtown Guelph, and my POCA micro-loan application was approved. Guelph Community Acupuncture will be opening in late January. It’s kind of a big deal. Amidst the fatigue and the lists

POCA Micro-Loans Are Here!


One of the strong influences contributing to POCA's development is Professor Mohammad Yunus of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Professor Yunus is credited with the development of the concepts of microfinance and microcredit, which allow people who are

While Gathering Recliners


There seems to be some real momentum starting to move forward prepping for a second Manchester Acupuncture Studio clinic here in southern, NH.  For my part this weekend, I'd been out picking up recliners from folks selling their unwanteds on Craigslist. And I'm remembering how much I love

CJOM article

**Posted in members forums only: https://www.pocacoop.com/forums/viewthread/4884/

How to Succeed in CA Without Really Trying

So you want to open a CA practice. You’ve reviewed the requirements to be a POCA clinic, and you think: “Sure, okay, I can live with those.” This blog is about what’s behind those guidelines. It’s about the spirit of a

Bossing for Small Business Owners

Never dreamed you’d be doing this?

I’d venture a guess that for most people working for someone else was not a part of the dream of becoming an acupuncturist. If it were, the acupuncture profession, meaning the schools and the alphabet organizations, would have been

So You Just Graduated From Acu-School....

All of us have been in this position or are in it now: brand new in the field, no experience, trying to start a practice. How do you get people to see you? Why would anyone see you and not some more experienced practitioner a half mile away? How

News from the New



This is a really long post; you might want to pour yourself a cup of tea.

As a new Community

Our Clinic

We've been in our new clinic space for about 3 weeks now.  Saturday is our first Open House/Free Day.  Part of me has been busy and even overwhelmed with all the logistics of the new space and trying to get the word out.  My old friend, anxiety, has kept

Love at First Sight

I confess, I like shopping.  It's the pursuit that I love more than it is the actual buying but, if I’m really honest, I like the buying, too.  And I’ve done A LOT of shopping lately.Between all that is involved with moving cross-country

Musings from a CA Newbie

New to the CAN blogs, I think it best that I introduce myself. I’m Steve, a newbie in the  Community Acupuncture movement and one who’s returned from a long hiatus after my BA practice. In essence, I’m starting fresh with almost no

Charleston Community Acupuncture- seedling

Its official, we are open! (www.FeelGreatCharleston.com) We opened our doors last Tuesday and had a nice mellow week with eight treatments(one was actually me). I have to say It would have been way more difficult to have done this without the help of some key people.

Where I am now.

I graduated from TCM school in December of 2007, became licensed in March of 2008, and opened a CA clinic (with my two partners) in mid-September of 2008.  So, I'm a newbie.  A newbie who has -- other that a few temporary gigs waiting for Circle to open its doors -- worked

Mother's Day guest blog


Meilssa is filling in for me this month with a quick guest blog.  I'll return next month.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my mom in town for the last three weeks. This is her first visit since the clinic opened. I was

Community Acupuncture from a non-CAN perspective

Hey kids!  Did I ever tell you about the time that an introvert moved to a new town where she didn't know anyone and tried to start a high-volume-dependent business in the dead of winter? 

Well, I'll have to tell you that one next month because this

Love. Love. Love. Our first month’s progress report.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on this blog for days now. I apologize that it’s going to be a long one. I’ll get brief in future posts, I promise. It’s been hard to sum up all

Moving Along - The Power of Numbers and Qi

I left work tonight feeling so very satisfied.  This feeling has been happening more and more recently, and for good reason – the clinic seems to be on a good roll – numbers are up significantly over the last month or so and have been steadily increasing little by little each

A Post For Those Considering Community Acupuncture

While I am grateful to be able to offer people ideas, support and an opinion on community acupuncture as most of us practicing are, I can’t help but feel that what I am saying has been fairly redundant and, at times, feels futile.  It seems to me there

for new practitioners who have considered boutiques and hybrids and fpds when acupuncture is enuf*

Well folks, I’m about three weeks into opening my second Community Acupuncture clinic, and it occurred to me that – given that there are already two CA clinics in the Detroit Metro area (hi Darlene and Linda!), and that there are so few other acupuncturists practicing here, CA will

CAN Flickr group and CCA Grand Opening

We are in the midst of preparing or CA clinic for its opening. During this flurry of furnishing, arranging, re-arranging, etc it has been very helpful to look at photos of other clinics. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of searching the CAN site trying to remember where the various

Love from (and for) the Rust Belt

One month ago, I left my beloved partners and patients at Grassroots Acupuncture Project in sunny, breezy, affluent Santa Cruz to follow my sweetheart to hot-and-sticky, broke-down-but-beautiful Detroit. She got a good job teaching here, and I was excited to move back to Michigan, where I grew up, and

An Alternative to the Huge Darn Clinic

This post is quite long.  I haven't blogged in awhile because I have been busy getting my clinic up and running.  I want to share my experience because it may help someone who is feeling overwhelmed and not quite ready to start their own huge clinic.


Community Qi: inside the treatment room and outside.


Two years ago, when I told my patients of my plans to convert the practice to a CAP, they surprised me that month by scheduling more visits than ever, at the old price