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Interview with Super-Volunteer Gloria J.

Meet one of POCA's stellar patient member volunteers! Gloria has helped with a wide range of POCA projects. And you know one reason she volunteered? Because another POCA member asked. It's that simple. See why being a multi-stakeholder coop is so great? Join the discussion here: https:/

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Why more punks in more places…

"Why more punks in more places… Because the woman who was stung by a bee last week needed relief that creams didn’t give her and didn’t want a steroid shot for pain and inflammation.

Because the older woman who comes for pain

The Vows of Hua Tuo and Sun Si Miao..Actually Carried Out

Ok folks, bear with me-I’m gunna get a little idealistic and woo-y- BUT it’s grounded in reality-I promise.

Vow of Hua Tuo:

Treat people equally irrespective of their high or low status, of their poverty or wealth, of their distinction or

The Acupuncture Profession has 99 problems, but NADA ain’t one of them.

The most common question I get when promoting New Hampshire’s new ADS law is: “does acupuncture only treat addiction..”


Last year, I advocated for a law.  It became the biggest acupuncture media campaign in New Hampshire’s

Position Paper Part 3: Retaliation

Last week on January 4th, the Utah Acupuncture Licensing Board posted its agenda for an electronic meeting on the following Tuesday, January 9th. There were two discussion items on the agenda, described only as 1) Letter of Concern, and 2) Rule Change Amendment.  There was no indication why any member


2017, like 2016 before it, was a hard year for a lot of people. I’m a big fan of year-end gratitude lists, *especially* when it was hard.

At the top of my gratitude list is POCA, particularly for its most recent donation to POCA Tech -- $14,500. $10,000 of

Patient's Perspective: Why Should I Join POCA?

If you're like me, Milwaukee Community Acupuncture is the only place you have ever received an acupuncture treatment. I didn't realize how different MCA was from most acupuncture clinics in the U.S. until a while after I started coming. Most acupuncturists see only one patient at

Healing my grief through Community Acupuncture

I went to a funeral in Florida this month. It was for my best friend Jenny’s mother, Diane.  It was important for me to go because Jenny died over 5 years ago and I couldn’t attend her funeral. 

Florida is a difficult

POCA's newest, coolest, most co-operative member benefit: The POCA Passport

Just in time for our Spring Member Drive, The POCA Membership circle offers our newest coolest, most cooperative member benefit, The POCA Passport.  It won’t get you out of the country, but hopefully it will inspire you to travel to more Community Clinics on (and even

Annual Election for Board of Directors - VOTE VOTE VOTE

It’s election time! Emails went out today to open this year’s election for POCA’s Board of Directors.  In case you missed it you can use the link below to cast your vote.  Voting will be open through Sunday, 7/12. Thanks for taking

We Get Mail - Sliding Scale

Here’s a recent email from a soon-to-be patient who wants to do the right thing, but is confused by the sliding scale:

“I'm interested in becoming a (patient) member but have a question about the sliding scale for the membership fee. Is there

Why We Belong to POCA

People need community and human connection and while the physical community is slowing shrinking the online community grows.  I've been told that the average person spends 1 hours each day on Facebook.  Even though people are not physically seeing each other as much, we as humans still

Guest Blog on Sarana's first membership drive – Oct 2014

From Pam Chang, POCA BOD member volunteer:

This fall was our first 'official' participation in a POCA membership drive. Other years, we've only made an effort to re-enroll our reception volunteers during membership campaigns. This year, spurred by my role as a POCA board member and

Stillpoint and the Automatic Membership model

Stillpoint Community Acupuncture opened in August 2011, in the small town of Langford BC, a pocket community of Victoria. Since we opened, we have provided over 13,000 treatments, and have only twice dipped into our overdraft, something that we are quite proud of.

About a year ago we began

Goodwill Drive Post #3: True Beauty

A week or so ago, WCA superpunk Michelle C. shared this blog post with one of her patients. Here is that person's response to the question, what is the meaningfulness of affordable acupuncture?

""First of all, God's blessings on the person who is not himself,

New Research Article: Patient Perspectives on Care Received at Community Acupuncture Clinics

Our friends at the Helfgott Research Institute have published another  article based on their 2010 survey project with WCA patients. They kindly arranged to publish it in an open access journal, with a Creative Commons copyright, so please share freely! Their findings will not surprise you: people love community

Using a 0-10 Pain Scale Effectively

Ok, so this thread is pushing some buttons.  I have been meaning to write something about this because acupuncture school does such a shitty job of teaching us to evaluate pain and the 0-10 scale can be tricky to understand.

I know we all have good

Some things you all are teaching me about pain.

-- That I place far too much value on things

like ease and grace.

-- That an apparent smallness can be a mountain, magnificent:

“I rolled onto that hip without numbness!”

“Only took half a pill yesterday.”

“I slept through the night.”

-- That

The Non-Politics of Community Acupuncture


Happy Election Day everyday. By now I hope everyone has voted or has already allocated a part of today to go to the polls. Yesterday, I was half listening to an NPR commentator say “if you are lucky and you live in

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Today was one of those days where the thread of experiences I had while needing in the clinic made me well up a little several times.  Today something showed itself in such clear ways that I figured I should write about it, I suspect many

When They Don't Want You Anymore -- Wait, What?

I try not to read Acupuncture Today, because usually it makes me sputter, and then I have to clean off my laptop. Gross. But comrade Jenny Corbin piqued my interest with a post on Facebook about a particular AT article, and I succumbed. Actually I'm kind of glad,

Guest Blog by Joe Smith: Who Knew Acupuncturists Could Have So Much Fun?


The following is a newcomer’s take on the POCAfest, from one of POCA’s first organizational members, Joe Smith, aka Artdude, creator of POCA Point.  This was originally posted on the Artdude blog.  



Who Knew Acupuncturists Could Have So Much Fun

Said Many Times, Worth Repeating


Frequent acupuncture treatments trump other Chinese medical modalities in potency.

This mantra has been weaved into CA workshops for some time now. I can attest to its accuracy, and like to pass it along as well.

One such occasion was

It’s official. It’s mutual. It’s love.

A patient called a while back to make an appointment and left a message on our voicemail. She said something really nice. She said: “the sliding scale is love in action.” We’ve been open almost six months now, and the honeymoon is in full swing. I just love

Five Reasons Why I Love Community Acupuncture

Several years back, I had a few traditional acupuncture treatments for my allergies. I remember laying in a dark, barren room all by myself with needles stuck here and there, bored out of my mind yet unable to sleep, and then leaving the treatment feeling like I

“I Had 7!” ...Especially for Acupuncture Students and Private Practitioners

About a month into my new community acupuncture practice, I texted Brian (my husband). Here's what I said:

'I had 7!" 

Students will appreciate the excitement of this moment. In a mere four hour shift, I treated seven whole patients! And talked to them too! And

Is Anyone Paying Attention?

My first alma mater, Washington State University, sends out quarterly newsletters with interesting information, mostly on scientific discoveries and research. Their latest article on brain research seemed to relate to community acupuncture clinics here: Words from a social scientist Herbert Simon…in 1971, a quarter century before the flowering

A patient's commentary after seeing: Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged

The most important thing for me is to see Americans moving out of the individualistic illness which has characterized this society for a long time. Therefore, now it is starting to shift into the community movement with Community Acupuncture and Occupy and many other forms by getting together as

Handling Patient Anger, Fees, Setting TX Plans, Boundaries, and Teamwork


So BCA has a patient a few days ago, someone in severe pain. I am shocked, actually, when I see that 'all' he complains of is severe, debilitating back pain. I'll call him Tony. Tony is emaciated, drawn, big black circles under the eyes, very little

Who is POCA really for?


As we have been making the shift from CAN to POCA, I've noticed a thread of comments here and there with a similar theme. They all express the idea that POCA is different from CAN in one major respect: the adjustment of our member clinics

Bring Community Acupuncture to Your Town

Want a Community Acupuncture clinic in your town?  Here's what you can do:  

Find other people in your area and start to create a potential patient base for a practitioner to come into.  Check out this patient pamphlet.

Join POCA as a patient/community member