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The Four Elephants of the Apocalypse, er, Acupuncture Profession: an Open Letter to Peter Deadman


Dear Peter Deadman,

thank you for your response to my article -- and thank you for publishing my article in the first place. There are plenty of people,  some of whom are my friends, who feel that this kind of exchange is pointless,

But Wait there's More


I was really annoyed and irritated by Peter Deadman’s recent remarks about community acupuncture in this http://www.deepesthealth.com/manual-of-acupuncture-author-peter-deadman-on-ipad-apps-community-acupuncture-more/interview.

I was particularly bothered by Deadman’s comments since he had just recently spoke of Community and Multi-bed acupuncture

Class Cultures, POCA and Peter Deadman

So I guess we were all somewhat surprised by Peter Deadman's recent comments about community or multibed acupuncture(CA/MB) and best practices.  After all, I had remembered that the person who is credited with co-compiling the definitive tome of point location used in most American acupuncture schools had

Re-inventing general practice in our community acupuncture clinics

I'm a community acupuncturist. I work in a clinic in the neighborhood next to mine, and so I walk to work, through a park, for about 25 minutes there and 25 back, five days a week. I work four days treating people, and one day doing office work, and give about 9

Best Practice for WHO?

 I debated whether to respond to these comments by Peter Deadman about community acupuncture. It seems like most of us in POCA have had this argument over and over. But plenty of students and new practitioners, especially in the UK, are having it for the first time. In