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Position Paper Part 3: Retaliation

Last week on January 4th, the Utah Acupuncture Licensing Board posted its agenda for an electronic meeting on the following Tuesday, January 9th. There were two discussion items on the agenda, described only as 1) Letter of Concern, and 2) Rule Change Amendment.  There was no indication why any member


2017, like 2016 before it, was a hard year for a lot of people. I’m a big fan of year-end gratitude lists, *especially* when it was hard.

At the top of my gratitude list is POCA, particularly for its most recent donation to POCA Tech -- $14,500. $10,000 of

Tangled Up in POCA-


Shelby here, an enthusiastic punkling at POCA Tech and membership circle volunteer, knee deep in the membership drive. In preparation for the membership drive, I had the honor of interviewing and collecting posts from folks in POCA so that y'all could read, enjoy and be

POCA and Public Health Workshop

Please save the date!

for what? a meeting with your comrades about POCA’s developing relationships with public health initiatives

when? Fri June 1 and Sat June 2 2018 in Portland OR;  on Sunday June 3rd there will be a NADA regional meeting, so if you

Patient's Perspective: Why Should I Join POCA?

If you're like me, Milwaukee Community Acupuncture is the only place you have ever received an acupuncture treatment. I didn't realize how different MCA was from most acupuncture clinics in the U.S. until a while after I started coming. Most acupuncturists see only one patient at

A Call for Cooperation

POCA is a place. We come together to heal the pain and stress, and promote the general health of ourselves and our wider community. When we are here, we balance the conflicts of american acupuncture vs. community acupuncture, the actual vs. virtual, individual vs. collective, competitive vs. cooperative, and

Doing Something Useful (Beyond Our Usual Usefulness!)

There was a recent discussion on Facebook and now within the POCA forums among some POCA members regarding ways of participating in a National General Strike Day on February 17th.  Some clinics are planning on being closed, others will be open and donating some or all of the

Cross-Posted: the $9 Tomato

Check out this excellent reflection on micro-farming and community acupuncture from  new POCA Punk member Lisa Williams in Vermont!

What We're Built to Do

No organization can do everything. Every organization can do something, and each organization is charged with the social responsibility to do that which it can, it is built to do.  A. Philip Randolph

Since I’ve realized how important self-organizing is to POCA Tech, I

Losers Holding Hands

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, comrades, we should all be feeling pretty flattered right now.

And if anybody’s wondering what our reflection might look like in the warped mirror of capitalism, there it is: the Modern Acupuncture franchise, with its sleek recliners

Trade-offs and Truth

I haven’t been writing much, on the blog or on FB, for awhile in part because I felt like I couldn’t do any of that and also do my POCA Tech job. During the Candidacy site visit in the spring, one of the site visitors

The Practice of Cooperation: Presentation by Dr. Andrew Zitcer

The Practice of Cooperation: How Co-ops Can Transform Social and Economic Relations Andrew Zitcer Drexel University awzitcer@gmail.com POCA Tech 11-4-2016 DRAFT NOT FOR PUBLICATION; PLEASE CONTACT AUTHOR BEFORE DISTRIBUTING OR CITING

Good afternoon. Thank you so much for having me here today.

POCA as a Knowledge Commons: POCAfest Keynote

I'd like to acknowledge that we're on the traditional territory of the Miwok people, and I'd like to acknowledge and thank everyone who made it possible for us to be here, including the people who built these buildings and who clean them and care for them

Registration for POCAfest 8 in Marin Headlands is now Open! Sign up here!

POCA Fest Fall 2016 – Marin Headlands
 September 23-25, 2016

Join us for the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture Fall 2016 conference. This fall’s POCA Fest is for punks, receptors, patient/community members, POCA supporters, students, friends and family. Last time we were at Marin we

What Would POCA Tech Do without POCA? No, Seriously

The occasion for this blog post is yet another donation from POCA to POCA Tech of $10,000. And in addition to thanking all of our members, and particularly those who participated in the May Membership Drive (thank you! thank you! thank you!) I wanted to expand this post into a

The Making of a Revolutionary -- Keynote by Greg Jones

Before we get started, I’d like to acknowledge that we are on occupied territory of the Cherokee Nation.

Our clinics are pretty special places. No matter where in the world we are located they are places where people from many different backgrounds, socio-economic classes, and

New POCA Tech FAQs

You can find them on the POCA Tech site also.

I don’t understand the requirement to work in or start up a POCA clinic after graduation. Can you explain that more?

We suggest that all prospective students do some market research on acupuncture

How Community Acupuncture Changed Me: Guest Post by Cera Mae

I’ve been thinking a lot about the theme of this spring’s POCAfest in Nashville. Community acupuncture has certainly changed me, and I feel like I can offer some unique perspectives.

We all have our individual back story to describe how we wound up

Re: "Time to Look Ahead Together"

Hi Steven,

you sent me an email with the subject header “guild post discusses how we’re working together”.

Let’s talk about that.  Some people found your blog post confusing, including POCA Tech students, and your subject header concerns

How to Succeed at PR without Really Trying, Part 2

POCA is having a great media week. And no, I’m not counting all the live news coverage of the WCA Lents fire.

1) Last Friday, Portland Monthly Magazine put up this blog post. I don’t know how many hits it got, but it hung

Thank You, POCA

Dear POCA,

thank you for the $10,000 donation -- your second one this year. That’s $20,000 total in 2015 you’ve given to our school.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the October Membership Drive: all the volunteers, all the new and renewing POCA

Fall 2015 Membership Drive Begins Today!

The fall Membership Drive is here!  Starting today, and for a whole month

You have the opportunity to talk to people about membership in POCA You have the opportunity to renew your clinic's membership. your own, and people who come to your clinic You have the

POCAfest Keynote: Dangerous Potential

Thank you all for coming.

I'd like to acknowledge that we're on the traditional territory of the Miwok people, and I'd like to acknowledge and thank everyone who made it possible for us to be here, including the people who built these buildings and


I just had a bad experience on Facebook, and it made me realize some things.

In a nutshell, I tried to set a boundary with someone. It had to do with POCA. I tried to set the boundary in private, though other people knew it was happening

A Self-Organizing Parade

POCA Fest is over for now but I’m still floating in the POCA Over-Flow- the abundant heart-felt, head expanding, energetic surge that comes from getting together with all of you. POCA Fest is what I want the world to look like: groups of friends, old and new,

Annual Election for Board of Directors - VOTE VOTE VOTE

It’s election time! Emails went out today to open this year’s election for POCA’s Board of Directors.  In case you missed it you can use the link below to cast your vote.  Voting will be open through Sunday, 7/12. Thanks for taking

How to Succeed at PR without Really Trying (Be a Co-op)

POCA has had quite the run of good press lately. Let's review:

1) It started out with a bang on May 2nd, when comrade Elizabeth Ropp got us mentioned on page A2 of the Washington Post. How in the world did she do that? She hosted one

Beloved Community and the Spring Membership Drive

Community is an essential aspect of my life, a realization brought home recently by my mother’s death. My mother was a solitary person, an individualist, who feared exposure: she kept to herself. She was fond of animals, and though she was a nurse, people simply made her

It’s the POCA Annual Survey!

It’s the POCA Annual Survey!


This blog post is gonna be a little bit different. You know those Choose Your Own Adventure books? Those books that after reading a few pages it asks you to make

POCA Calendar Photo Submission/Contest!


This is Jade. I am working on the POCA Calendar. I'd love it if you all could email me your photos or hilariously photoshop some existing photos. :D I remember the last POCA Calendar had a group at POCAfest with their heads photoshopped onto a 300