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POCA Coop Transition Summary

It's been a year since the start of the COVID-19 global pandemic, and community acupuncture clinics have been deeply affected . Many clinics have closed, sadly, never to re-open. Other clinics closed during lockdown or never closed at all, and quickly learned how to revamp their operations to keep

POCA's statement on Systemic Racism

POCA stands with all those impacted by white supremacy, anti-Blackness, and police brutality. Today and every day, Black lives matter. We recognize systemic racism and police violence as a public health crisis. We commit to doing the vital and necessary work as a cooperative so that we can unlearn

Corona is the virus, capitalism is the crisis.

As so many have said before us, we are living in unprecedented times.  COVID-19 is ravaging so many communities, disproportionately impacting the most marginalized among us.  Many POCA clinics are closed right now, some remain open.  We are living in a global pandemic during a time

Shift Happens

I was once lucky enough to live for a short time on a bluff, in a rusty trailer parked on cinder blocks overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was a temporary abode at a teaching farm where I worked for a year just after college. It was an

POCAfest Marin Keynote: Chronic Pain and Endurance, by Jeff Levin of SOAP

Welcome to POCAfest. My name is Jeff and I’m a proud punk and the co-owner of Sacramento Oakland Acupuncture Project, affectionately known as SOAP. We keep it clean.

We’ve all come an impressively long way doing community acupuncture. I’ve heard that

Cohort 3 Graduation Speech by Jess Long

Welcome everyone and thank you for coming to celebrate with us on this beautiful summer morning. As many of you know, we are Cohort 3 -- the third class in POCA Tech history to graduate and move forward to expand this radical movement that our school is founded on, by

Keynote POCA Fest Milwaukee May 2019 -- ALL EARS!!!

By Ellen Vincent

I'd like to acknowledge that we are on land that was the tribal seat of the Bear Clan of the Potawatomi Indians. The name of this area, Mukwonago, is derived from the word mequanego which translates to bear's den. The Potawatomi were

The Vows of Hua Tuo and Sun Si Miao..Actually Carried Out

Ok folks, bear with me-I’m gunna get a little idealistic and woo-y- BUT it’s grounded in reality-I promise.

Vow of Hua Tuo:

Treat people equally irrespective of their high or low status, of their poverty or wealth, of their distinction or

Toward a Culture of Safety, Part 1

Since we launched our Adverse Events Reporting Database a little over a year ago, we’ve learned a lot, including some interesting things about how acupuncturists react to the idea of an Adverse Events Reporting Database. This is the first of a series of blog posts about the

All Ears!

Guest post by Ellen Vincent

We’ve made a lot of progress since the first Public Service Announcement about POCA and Ear Acupuncture. We’re now an official Ear Circle with our very own email address: allears@pocacoop.com, our inaugural in-person training will be

POCA Clinic Member Changes

Recently I saw a bumper sticker for a local food co-op that said, “I own a grocery store with some friends” and I thought of POCA. Back in 2011, when we made the transition from the Community Acupuncture Network (which was a 501c6 nonprofit) to POCA, one of

Open Sourcing Modern Acupuncture: Part Four, Stamina

Recently I had an interesting conversation with a prospective POCA Tech student, who described to me his efforts to research acupuncture schools. He told me that he spoke with a current student at a Classical Chinese Medicine program, who reacted with horror when he heard that the prospective student

Public Service Announcement: POCA and Ear Acupuncture!

One of the best things about POCA, I think, is that it’s based on self-organizing: members are free to identify needs and then work together to meet them. Recently, a group of POCA members in different states/provinces (Arizona, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Ontario) began discussing the

Don't Stop Believing: Why CAP Supports POCA's Membership Drive

At the Community Acupuncture Project in West Seattle, we can’t, don’t and won’t  stop believing in POCA! Since our inception in 2009, we’ve been a part of the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) which grew into our national coop, the People&rsquo

On Beginning, Again - for new and old punks. Part 1, Guest Post by Cait Cain

I’m finally writing a POCA blog - my name is Cait and I own Lincoln Acupuncture Project here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some say adaptability is what keeps us alive, but it’s also what keeps us engaged, expanding, growing and learning as individuals and, as a

The Acupuncture Profession has 99 problems, but NADA ain’t one of them.

The most common question I get when promoting New Hampshire’s new ADS law is: “does acupuncture only treat addiction..”


Last year, I advocated for a law.  It became the biggest acupuncture media campaign in New Hampshire’s

POCA and the Commons: POCAfest Keynote 2018

 by Lisa Baird and Lisa Rohleder

1. Lisa B: the tragedy of the commons

A couple years ago one of my patients asked if her uncle could interview me. He’d written a book about business, and he was very interested in Guelph Community

As Seen in O, the Oprah Magazine

If all POCA clinics would like to add that as a tagline, they totally can:



This isn't my favorite mainstream press mention of POCA, and the photo

Time to Make Friends!

(outside of the acupuncture profession)

That’s the theme of our upcoming June 1-2 workshop in PDX.  It’s all about relationship-building, reaching out, and cultivating partnerships and alliances among like-minded people and organizations -- who are often more friendly to community acupuncture than

To Be Safe for Myself and Others (Guest Post by Jade Fang)

I guess I am in my 9th year as a part of POCA and before that CAN.

I've seen a lot of things happen and wanted to help articulate something.

POCA's mission is to work cooperatively to increase accessibility to and availability of

I Heart Safety Data

There sure is a lot going on around here lately. Anybody else feel like it’s hard to keep up? Anyway, this could be two separate blog posts but I’m putting them together because they’ve got a common theme: safety data. Which I like

Utah Update

Let’s start with the good news: the rule change amendment proposed by the Acupuncture Advisory Board of Utah, which would require new applicants for acupuncture licenses in Utah to have the NCCAOM certification in Chinese Herbology, is NOT moving forward.

This means that POCA Tech

Position Paper Part 3: Retaliation

Last week on January 4th, the Utah Acupuncture Licensing Board posted its agenda for an electronic meeting on the following Tuesday, January 9th. There were two discussion items on the agenda, described only as 1) Letter of Concern, and 2) Rule Change Amendment.  There was no indication why any member


2017, like 2016 before it, was a hard year for a lot of people. I’m a big fan of year-end gratitude lists, *especially* when it was hard.

At the top of my gratitude list is POCA, particularly for its most recent donation to POCA Tech -- $14,500. $10,000 of

Tangled Up in POCA-


Shelby here, an enthusiastic punkling at POCA Tech and membership circle volunteer, knee deep in the membership drive. In preparation for the membership drive, I had the honor of interviewing and collecting posts from folks in POCA so that y'all could read, enjoy and be

POCA and Public Health Workshop

Please save the date!

for what? a meeting with your comrades about POCA’s developing relationships with public health initiatives

when? Fri June 1 and Sat June 2 2018 in Portland OR;  on Sunday June 3rd there will be a NADA regional meeting, so if you

Patient's Perspective: Why Should I Join POCA?

If you're like me, Milwaukee Community Acupuncture is the only place you have ever received an acupuncture treatment. I didn't realize how different MCA was from most acupuncture clinics in the U.S. until a while after I started coming. Most acupuncturists see only one patient at

A Call for Cooperation

POCA is a place. We come together to heal the pain and stress, and promote the general health of ourselves and our wider community. When we are here, we balance the conflicts of american acupuncture vs. community acupuncture, the actual vs. virtual, individual vs. collective, competitive vs. cooperative, and

Doing Something Useful (Beyond Our Usual Usefulness!)

There was a recent discussion on Facebook and now within the POCA forums among some POCA members regarding ways of participating in a National General Strike Day on February 17th.  Some clinics are planning on being closed, others will be open and donating some or all of the

Cross-Posted: the $9 Tomato

Check out this excellent reflection on micro-farming and community acupuncture from  new POCA Punk member Lisa Williams in Vermont!