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The State of POCA - Circle Reports at POCA Fest Tucson

Want to know what is going on in the co-op's super action attack squads, AKA volunteer circles?  Watch this report from POCA Fest.

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On Locate-A-Clinic Changes, Circles, and POCA

The requirements for being listed as a POCA clinic on the Locate A Clinic page have changed. This is the summary of the changes: The main difference is this: In order to be eligible for LOC approval, all acupuncture treatments must be provided in a group or community setting

grunt work, and why I love being a Welcome Wagon volunteer

I was hesitant when Cris Montiero and Melissa Tiernman asked me to head up the POCA Welcome Wagon committee. Why? For a few reasons. I was a lousy Welcome Wagon volunteer when Kim Deane was the coordinator (Sorry, Kim). It's time consuming to sit down and call EVERY POCA Member

Collective leadership works!

In recent weeks, we have made some changes to the General Circle. Since January, I've held the positions of Executive Director, and GC Operational Leader (since last fall) as well as POCA Board member (since last summer), and I decided several weeks ago that it is time to

Counting Everything that Counts

If you have ever belonged to a coop before, a food coop, REI, an agricultural coop, etc. you know that coops often pay a dividend to their members.  So in addition to benefitting from the coops bulk purchasing, and thereby negotiating powers, coop members would divide any profits above

Put your CAN to the meta & POCA to the max

Put Your CAN to the Meta

We are all creating meta-communication by doing Community Acupuncture everyday by working in our clinics. It&rsquo

Sociocracy -- Governance for the People

POCA is looking to dynamic governance as a structure for organizing the co-op.  Dynamic governance, also known as sociocracy, is a system of organizing through the use of consent-based decision making amongst circles of equivalent individuals.  It is a method for organizing that can effectively and efficiently