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Survey Says: 750K + Treatments in 2012

177 clinics responded to the 2012 POCA Survey, reporting a total of 750,513 treatments in 2012. EDIT: whoops! User error on the spreadsheet, actual number is 753,428! I admit that I am amazed by this number. You guys, look what we DID! There have been a lot of discussions on the interwebs lately about

What Makes For A Busy Clinic? Looking At The Annual CAN Clinic Survey

Yea!  The annual CAN survey of clinics is out! Time to see if we can glean any information from it that could help our clinics get busier. Before I do that though I need to say every year I'm relieved when this comes out because

Annual CAN Clinic Survey Results

The Annual CAN Clinic Survey results for the 2011 calendar year are now available in pdf format at this link:


Thank you to all the clinic owners who took the