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We Heart Our Community Partners

This blog is a plug for three things:

1) a new video, up on POCA Tv, of a Suicide Prevention Training that WCA put on for its punks.


A few months back, we got our quarterly newsletter

Why I Love Being a POCA TV Sponsor

While I was still a student at acupuncture school, I became aware of the community acupuncture movement and immediately knew that I had found what I wanted to do as a practitioner. I signed up for a membership in CAN (now POCA), read through the forums daily, starting volunteering

POCA Tv Is Live

Comrades, I’ve got some good news. When we first started drafting the POCA Tech budget, I said, “Hey! I have an idea! Let’s film all the classes and post them online! That way lots more people can participate, and if we charge a reasonable