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Two Years In: On Consistency, Community & Carefully Placed Stones

For awhile there, when people asked “How’s the clinic going?” I’d answer “It is definitely not failing! It’s actually doing really well!” The answer to that question, I realise, has recently evolved. GCA is just over two years old.

Some things you all are teaching me about pain.

-- That I place far too much value on things

like ease and grace.

-- That an apparent smallness can be a mountain, magnificent:

“I rolled onto that hip without numbness!”

“Only took half a pill yesterday.”

“I slept through the night.”

-- That

The Forgotten Language


Below is one of my favourite poems of all time.  I think about it from time to time, especially when I am in the clinic, and it's busy and I'm humming along doing what I know to be really Good Work.

A Haiku for POCA Tech


Fellow co-op member,

The idea for an alternate version of the Acupuncture School Experience has been percolating for some time within the Community Acupuncture world. I've personally taken part in dozens of conversations through the past years that begin with some version of "wouldn't that be


It’s that special time of year again folks!  As the last days of 2009 pass by and whatever teeth global warming winter has left prepare to sink deep into our backsides, the first professional doctorate will be considered yet again by ACAOM! Yes, the issue

Two For the Wall

I have been toting these poems around for years.  I recently found them and typed them up so I could put them on the wall in the clinic.  I hope you enjoy them.