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A great (old, re-introduced) article by Rebecca Solnit is making the rounds of the interwebs lately.  Nominally, it explains the phenomenon that has become known by the shorthand “mansplaining,” but I think a lot of what she’s saying applies to the workings of privilege in general, and how

More on White Privilege and Cross-Cultural Practices

In order to try to keep the comments on the post below from becoming completely and totally unwieldy, I wanted to put up separately a post from one of the blogs referenced below. It's about white privilege in American Buddhism, and there are a lot of relevant parallels

Pain Management 4: Privilege

I was really thinking that my last Pain Management blog was going to be THE last, but then last Friday turned out to be a perfect storm of things I like to blog about -- pain management, acupuncture culture (s), amazing patients, and my church. And thenthis video started


There's a blog post that I've been wanting to write for a long time, but it deals with such a big, complex topic that I haven't known where to start. However, there's such an irresistible invitation in this month's Acupuncture Today, that I think

Institutional Racism and Acupuncture

I was disappointed there weren't more comments on Lisa's blog post regarding disparities. I am however aware that most, if not all, of us within the CAN community are very busy working to create successful clinics for the very purpose of ending those disparities - and perhaps busy raising