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Wade on Reception and Why It Matters

An experienced CA punk who has lived through every variety of clinic reception talks about the different models -- and why reception matters to a punk. Are you a new punk wondering why your clinic isn't busier? Are you a receptionist wondering if what you do is really

Wade Demonstrates the Invisible Receptionist

Sometimes a demo is worth a thousand words. Here's 4 minutes on how to use the Invisible Receptionist system for checking in patients while you're punking.

Nancy on Reception, Social Justice, and Bias (1)

Nancy of MAS leads a POCAfest breakout session on the front desk. This is a wide-ranging conversation that would be useful for training receptionists and punks alike in a CA clinic.

Nancy on Reception and Listening (2)

This video has some great reminders and training tips for punks and receptors on listening.

Nancy on Reception, Seeing, and Being the First Contact

Need a shot of inspiration? Punks and receptors alike will benefit from Nancy's thoughtful reflections on really seeing patients.

How to Handle Money in a Busy CA Clinic

A new punk asked us, "How do you guys handle so many financial transactions? How do you track it all?" Here, we'll show you. Guest appearance by Lucas Van Meter demonstrating how to wrangle a ledger. (Note to clinic owners: have kids, they make great receptionists and videographers!)<

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