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OCOM Redefines Acupuncture as a Hobby for Girls

I’m an alumna of the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, class of 1994. For years I’ve been teaching workshops in which I joked that my partner Skip (OCOM, class of 1993) and I developed the Community Acupuncture business model simply because we couldn’t make use

More on Privilege:

A great (old, re-introduced) article by Rebecca Solnit is making the rounds of the interwebs lately.  Nominally, it explains the phenomenon that has become known by the shorthand “mansplaining,” but I think a lot of what she’s saying applies to the workings of privilege in general, and how

Girl Punk

Two things got me thinking about the complications of being a girl punk: 1)At the last CANference in Manchester, Marie Arnberg talked to me about doing an interview for the blog No Country for Young Women. I've been looking at the interview questions off and on ever since,

Putting Gender into the Equation

If you search for the terms “gender” or “sexism” in the CAN archives, you will come across many posts that reinforce the organization’s commitment to gender equality in the community in general.

You’ll also find Nora’s insightful post about sexism within the acupuncture profession.

CAN Meets Chopin

In light of the recent forum posts regarding CAN’s future, I was attracted to the following story to help me clarify my intention as a CA practitioner wanting to take a more active role in CAN’s evolution.

Throughout the history of classical music, men have

Sexism, Racism, and Classism: The Elections and Acupuncture

There is absolutely no way for me to write a blog post that even begins to address my title.  But hey- make no small blog titles!  However between how the Democratic primary is going and the recent marketing blog post by Lisa (and the complimentary one on his site