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Guanxi and the amazing value of social capital


Chinese culture has a term that is often described as untranslatable in English, and yet is a crucial part of that culture.  In fact, if you live in China (or Taiwan, as I did) and you don't understand the concept of 'Guan Xi' (pron. gwan shee), life can

On Community Acupuncture and D.I.T.*


Last week I signed a five-year lease for a ground floor clinic space in downtown Guelph, and my POCA micro-loan application was approved. Guelph Community Acupuncture will be opening in late January. It’s kind of a big deal. Amidst the fatigue and the lists

Counting Everything that Counts

If you have ever belonged to a coop before, a food coop, REI, an agricultural coop, etc. you know that coops often pay a dividend to their members.  So in addition to benefitting from the coops bulk purchasing, and thereby negotiating powers, coop members would divide any profits above