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Megan Jones - Has Acupuncture Helped Me?

Megan Jones, a patient at the POCA Tech student clinic, does a statistical analysis of whether or not acupuncture has helped her with her migraines, circulation, and arthritis after several months of treatments.

This presentation is the first of six from a POCA Tech student-organized show &

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(Harpers-Style) Community Acupuncture Index - Winter 2012



Much has happened since Community Acupuncture was born in the early 'aughts in Portland, OR.

Here are some numbers to demonstrate how affordable, group acupuncture geared toward average wage-earners has been found to be terrifically popular around the U.S. and

Accessibility and Community Acupuncture Clinics

by Mark Fox

I became interested in Community Acupuncture (CA) while a patient at David Kato’s Chicago-based clinic.  As a professor with an interest in social entrepreneurship, the business model aspects of CA fascinate me; particularly, the ideas of increasing accessibility and the sliding