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Clinic Success...a hand up if your clinic is struggling

One of the most compelling reasons I joined CAN in the first place was the support that was offered to a ‘punk who wanted to do Community Acupuncture.  I was amazed that CAN was giving away business plan models and sharing the secrets to their success in running a

Regional Organizing Success with Sonja

In the greater Seattle area, we have 10 community acupuncture clinics. For the past year, we have been gathering as a community to work together to address several goals. Prioritizing the building of these relationships has been beneficial on many fronts. Organizing regionally in your area can help your clinics

Online is fine, but LIVE is where it's at!

Whoohoo! Today I am happy to announce a new program called CAN Live Support! This new, free service is available to all LOC members (and future POCA members, as we get that whole train rolling!) to get you up close and personal with other CANers for problem solving, inspiration,