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On Community Style Acupuncture

I consider myself to be practicing Community Style.  It is a little hard to pin down exactly what that is.  This is mostly because everyone so far has started out learning something else first.  Depending on the practitioner,Community Style may contain elements of 5E, TCM, Kiko, auricular, tan,

Keep it simple, It doesn't have to be so damn difficult!

Integrity, higher spiritual plane, bowing to mastery...all the recent discussions have really got me thinking and reflecting about the practice of acupuncture and my evolution as a practitioner. I feel it

It begins with acupuncture

There were two catalysts that led to my realization that I wanted to do a CA clinic.  The first was reading The Remedy (get it and read it if you haven't.)  The second was discovering Tan's Balance Method and Tung style acupuncture.

Reading  The Remedy was great

Benefits of having confidence that the treatment style is very effective

I think a major drawback in my earlier (BA) practice was not having sufficient tools to help patients consistently from the initial visit.  Since learning from Dr. Richard Tan's 4 books ( I especially like "Acupuncture 1,2,3" , coming from a newbie to his style) and his online forum, I have surprisingly ceased