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Position Paper Part 3: Retaliation

Last week on January 4th, the Utah Acupuncture Licensing Board posted its agenda for an electronic meeting on the following Tuesday, January 9th. There were two discussion items on the agenda, described only as 1) Letter of Concern, and 2) Rule Change Amendment.  There was no indication why any member

Position Paper Responses Part 2

Without going into lots of detail about the emails we’ve gotten, let’s talk about competencies. Our position paper originally included a request for ACAOM to review and revise their competencies as outlined in their Program Standards. The thing is, though...they already had. We just

Position Paper Responses Part 1

We’re delighted that our position paper has sparked discussion. We’ll be responding to emails we’ve received. Here’s part 1.

1. How can you justify lowering the educational standards this profession worked so hard for? This proposal would weaken the acupuncture profession.<

Follow Up to POCA's Job Task Analysis

Our goal with the JTA was not just to accumulate, crunch, and share data -- though we love doing those things -- it was to look at how the data we gathered could contribute to positive change. Please see below an excerpt from a position paper that we hope

Job Task Analysis Data

Happy early AOM Day! To celebrate, we’re releasing all the data analysis we have of the JTA so far. If you want more, you’re going to have to help us crunch it. (Seriously, we are looking for willing volunteers to plunge into the depths of

Urgent Call to Action: Protect the Acupuncture Profession!!!

Did you miss me?

I realize I’ve been quiet for...a very long time...but I had to speak up in this moment of crisis.

The POCA Legislative Circle’s Open Letter to the Acupuncture Profession was no doubt well intentioned but

POCA Is Throwing a Data Party and All Acupuncturists Are Invited!

POCA’s parties are famous, or maybe infamous depending on your perspective. When we were young and wild we had jello wrestling. Now that we’re grown up (lol), we’re having a Job Task Analysis.

What’s a JTA? It’s

Fat Shaming, Capitalism, Etc. Part 2: Self-Care

This post is about cooperation, competition, self-care, and fat.

When Lisa B and I decided to work on a series of posts about fat shaming, capitalism, professional ethics and community acupuncture, I was excited because it seemed like we’d be filling a hole in our

Fat Shaming, Capitalism, Professional Ethics & Community Acupuncture: An Introduction

Recently the punks at GCA wrote a blog post about weight loss and community acupuncture which got some interesting feedback from around the internet. Inspired by this, we (Lisa R and Lisa B) are working on a series of posts exploring issues around weight loss, fatphobia, capitalism, and acupuncture.

Re: "Time to Look Ahead Together"

Hi Steven,

you sent me an email with the subject header “guild post discusses how we’re working together”.

Let’s talk about that.  Some people found your blog post confusing, including POCA Tech students, and your subject header concerns

Things Change

These days, one of the websites I spend a lot of time on is ACAOM’s, because I’m fascinated by the nuts and bolts of acupuncture education in a way I never would’ve thought I’d be. If you’re not as

Somebody Had to Ask, Revised

Recently POCA received the following inquiry: "How can someone find out POCA's official position on dry needling?"

POCA's General Circle is officially too busy to spend any time on this issue, and would like to refer everyone to POCA's mission statement as a reminder

POCA Tech Accreditation is Sexy

Dear POCA comrades,

If you need a reminder of why Community Acupuncture is important, please check out this article from Reuters titled “Arthritis may boost the risk of poverty, generally for women.”

“Women who developed arthritis were 51 percent more likely to fall

NCCAOM's Ethics, Structural Violence, and Our Petition

When I first heard that the NCCAOM had put out a call for public comment on their code of ethics, I thought, I should write something. I tried but almost immediately gave up. I thought, where do I even start??? But it kept nagging at me. And so I

Providence POCAfest 2015 Keynote: Collapse, Liberation, and the Power of Words

Collapse, Liberation, and the Power of Words



As is our custom in POCA, I’d like to start by acknowledging that this is the traditional home of the Narragansett people, and that we’re visitors here.


Welcome to Our World

Alert readers sent me a link to a Facebook discussion of acupuncture statistics, which eventually led me to this article and to this table.

And so even though we’re in the middle of a POCA Tech module, I’m writing this post because as

Liberation Acupuncture Q & A

Wait, what?!?

Please read this press release.


Please read “Why Liberation Acupuncture?”  Keyword: social.

No, really, why? Wasn’t community acupuncture enough?

Good question.  Most people found the community acupuncture model after Skip

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Numbers: a Retrospective

Can I just say that I never intended to make this a series?

Back in 2009, Acupuncture Today published an article titled “AOM Soaring Dramatically: Use Jumps by 50%”. The article was based on a report from the National Health Interview Survey, which is conducted continuously by

Hope/Optimism; Debt/Earnings

Recently I read an interview with Paul Loeb about the state of the world in which he quoted Vaclav Havel about hope, specifically engaged hope,  which ”is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It's not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the

POCAFest Fall 2014 Keynote: Sustainability for the Next Generation

POCAfest Fall 2014 Keynote: Sustainability for the Next Generation

Before I begin, I’d like to continue a tradition started by Lisa Baird and acknowledge that this is the traditional territory of the Santee people, and that we’re visitors here.


Follow-up to All the Things: Some Contradictory-Ass Things

Comrades, over the last week I am having a perfect storm of Internet Things. They all somehow relate to my last blog post, so I'm calling this a follow-up: Some Contradictory-Ass Things.

If you have seen the latest POCA Tv offerings, you know where we got

All the Things That Didn't Happen (and Some of the Things That Did)

As I was editing Cris and Skip's video about deprogramming, I got to thinking about a conversation we had here a couple of years ago. A POCA comrade who now runs a very successful clinic said on the forums that the most essential thing the CA movement gave

Do You Know What You're Getting Into?

If you've been following the progress of POCA Tech inside the forums, you know that a bunch of POCA volunteers are working hard on our admissions process. One of the issues occupying everyone's mind is, how can we make sure that prospective students know what they are

Matt Bauer's POCA Interview

Matt Bauer is a longtime friend of POCA and an even longer-time acupuncturist, so his perspective on our cooperative's place in the acupuncture profession is really fun. He interviewed me for his site and you can listen here. Questions? Discussion? Leave a comment below!

Using a 0-10 Pain Scale Effectively

Ok, so this thread is pushing some buttons.  I have been meaning to write something about this because acupuncture school does such a shitty job of teaching us to evaluate pain and the 0-10 scale can be tricky to understand.

I know we all have good

Bloom's Taxonomy, Acu-Schools, and POCA

As many of you know, we're in the process of getting POCA Tech licensed to operate as a "private career school" by the Oregon Department of Education. It's a lengthy, 8-step process, and we're currently working on Step 2. Well, to be perfectly accurate, Robert Hayden is working on Step 2.

A few words of support..

A few words of support..

This blog is in response to comments on this blog http://www.migrainesavvy.com/acupuncture-for-migraines.html by Holly Hazen.

On behalf of acupuncturists, I am sorry about the harshness and fearful overreaction displayed in the comments about your blog. 

Build Community and Tell Your Story!


POCA: Loving Yourself, Loving Your Community   So I went to a seminar on growing our co-ops. It was a beautiful enriching experience. It gave me  a new understanding of what POCA is and I wanted to share it with all of you.     

Membership Drive Post #2: We're ALL Being Reported to ALL THE BOARDS

This is the email I received on Friday in my WCA inbox:  “Hello You Acu Idiots! I am reporting you to the boards of CA, FL, NY, NCCAOM etc.... Quickly and quietly change the use of your name “acupunk”.  My official letter to the

Acupuncture for the New Economy

Or: Barbara Ehrenreich Explains It All, or: Why I Couldn't Finish My NCCAOM Survey

 Ever since we started teaching Community Acupuncture 101 workshops, Skip and I would argue periodically about the section where we talked about class. It's not exactly right, he would say. I