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Nancy on Reception and Listening (2)

This video has some great reminders and training tips for punks and receptors on listening.

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All Ears!

Guest post by Ellen Vincent

We’ve made a lot of progress since the first Public Service Announcement about POCA and Ear Acupuncture. We’re now an official Ear Circle with our very own email address: allears@pocacoop.com, our inaugural in-person training will be

Public Service Announcement: POCA and Ear Acupuncture!

One of the best things about POCA, I think, is that it’s based on self-organizing: members are free to identify needs and then work together to meet them. Recently, a group of POCA members in different states/provinces (Arizona, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, and Ontario) began discussing the

Fake it 'till you make it? Reflections on "Finding Normal"

Over Labor Day weekend, a small group of acupuncturists, acupuncture students and our community clinic volunteers gathered at my house to view the documentary Finding Normal and to have a discussion about it as well as Lisa Rohleder’s blog posts on the movie. If you haven&rsquo

Re-framing how I think about my role as an acupuncturist in the clinic

I have been learning about/discussing the concept of what are the fundamental skills of a busy and successful community acupuncturist with Lisa and Skip and others recently insome WCA meetings. Lisa is compiling information on what it takes to do this CA work really well