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Toward a Culture of Safety: Part 4, AERD as Relationship Management

You can find POCA's Adverse Events Reporting Database here: https://acupunctureconsumersafety.net/

Let’s compare two possible telephone conversations (based on real events)* between a patient and their acupuncturist:

P: I don’t know what happened with my treatment yesterday, but my

Toward a Culture of Safety, Part 3: Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care is part of the bigger picture that has less to do with what individuals are doing right or doing wrong, and more to do with how the human nervous system works. Trauma-informed care is all about safety. Trauma-informed care is also a deep rabbit hole that&rsquo

Liberation Acupuncture Q & A

Wait, what?!?

Please read this press release.


Please read “Why Liberation Acupuncture?”  Keyword: social.

No, really, why? Wasn’t community acupuncture enough?

Good question.  Most people found the community acupuncture model after Skip