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On Community Style Acupuncture

I consider myself to be practicing Community Style.  It is a little hard to pin down exactly what that is.  This is mostly because everyone so far has started out learning something else first.  Depending on the practitioner,Community Style may contain elements of 5E, TCM, Kiko, auricular, tan,

Working on Mastering Tung

I have finally completed the entire training of five weekends in New York city with Susan Johnson, finishing the final advanced weekend last month.It is so exciting for me to learn a new Master Tung point and see how it

The Challenges and Rewards of Learning Master Tung's Acupuncture

I moved my clinic in April and my practice has been doing so much better!I went from a clinic in the basement level of a building with 1600 square feet, way more than I needed, to an office half the size

Learning Tung- Bone Spur & Brain Tumor

I took a fascinating weekend workshop with Susan Johnson in the fall last year.We learned 41 of her favorite Master Tung points.I had been working with Dr. Young’s Points Study book and while I was there I bought two

Susan Johnson Seminar in NYC

I took my first seminar with Susan Johnson this past weekend and I learned many fascinating things such as how to needle CV 12 with a 60 mm needle, the insertion technique for a point in the achilles tendon that you needle until it just touches the bone, and how to

Acupuncture and the 20/80 Rule

I recently purchased the newly translated book, Lectures on Tung 's Acupuncture Therapeutic System, by Dr. Young Wei Chieh.  It's a grand old book full of meat.  Clinical gems abound on every page, as well as theoretical concepts ranging from the I Ching, Shang Han Lun,

It begins with acupuncture

There were two catalysts that led to my realization that I wanted to do a CA clinic.  The first was reading The Remedy (get it and read it if you haven't.)  The second was discovering Tan's Balance Method and Tung style acupuncture.

Reading  The Remedy was great