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Ginger in New England

     I’m sitting in my kitchen looking out the window at the three little raised garden beds in my backyard. The beds are empty, the trees are bare, and the row cover I had put out to try to extend the life of my green

Community Acupuncture in the UK - Complements of Charlie Stone

In early December I had the pleasure of meeting and treating Charlotte (Charlie) Stone, president of ACMAC (Association of Community and Multibed Acupuncture Clinics) in the UK, and founder of Lewes Community Acupuncture.  It was such a joy to discuss our experiences with community acupuncture, and it was truly

Look, it's ACMAC! CAN's sister across the pond!


ACMAC is the organization formerly known as "Affordable Acupuncture UK". And wow, they have grown! Check out their Locate A Clinic page!( For your transatlantic referral needs!) This is really, really, exciting. It was not very long ago that Charlotte Stone of