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Why should you join POCA?

Let members of POCA's governing body, the General Circle, tell you why they think POCA is great!


On Gross and Net and Other Difficult Concepts

In which I --to quote the Princess Bride, again -- "explain, and use small words".

Why bother?

Well, as we're gearing up for POCA Tech, I find that I have a lot of motivation around preventing people from going

Is OCOM Misleading Prospective (Female) Students? Watch Our Video and Discuss!

As you may remember, the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine recently published an article that proposed a novel explanation for the dreadful acupuncture workforce data: girls! And also, Taoism!

Some of my coworkers and I took issue with this characterization of OCOM alumni. And so we made

new community acupuncture documentary

When I first considered creating an acupuncture video for Communichi, I spent an embarrassing amount of time thinking about what to say - you know, so that I could get the message out on community acupuncture. As usual, the proper course of action was simply to get out of

What's Wrong with This Picture/Pictures/Video?

Have at it, comrades: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXI_29BUL0g (Thanks to Aruna Elizadeath Ropp for posting it on FB and Mike Hulsey for calling me up in a rage; otherwise I would have missed it. Let the deconstruction begin!)

WCA Jingei pulse DVD review

I have found that the most valuable workshops are the one’s that you can apply the next day after taking them. Richard Tan workshops are like that for me. The Jingei pulse diagnosis DVD produced by WCA and Skip Van Meter is another. It is something you can