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Interview with Super-Volunteer Gloria J.

Meet one of POCA's stellar patient member volunteers! Gloria has helped with a wide range of POCA projects. And you know one reason she volunteered? Because another POCA member asked. It's that simple. See why being a multi-stakeholder coop is so great? Join the discussion here: https:/

Comrade Corinne on Community Acupuncture

The star of our "3 Intakes in Less than 5 Minutes" video talks about her experience with community acupuncture, and why she's a POCA volunteer. Need a shot of inspiration? Watch this!

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grunt work, and why I love being a Welcome Wagon volunteer

I was hesitant when Cris Montiero and Melissa Tiernman asked me to head up the POCA Welcome Wagon committee. Why? For a few reasons. I was a lousy Welcome Wagon volunteer when Kim Deane was the coordinator (Sorry, Kim). It's time consuming to sit down and call EVERY POCA Member

To be a community acupuncturist you have to be a part of the community

To be a community acupuncturist you have to be a part of the community. Duh, why has that taken me so long to figure out?

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and each day is a ticking clock before this baby arrives. I’m nervous about leaving

The Early and Yet Somehow Late Start of Our New Beginning By Spitfire.

 Today the strangest thing happened.  I had a patient ask me a question.  We were talking about Ellen, PCA 2, Tucson, and of course the future of PCA.  She looked me in the eye and she asked me, “What are we going to do without

Why Should Students Volunteer at CA clinics?

Presently, I’m one of the volunteers at We the People Community Acu. Clinic here in SF and have been for several months.  I also work evening reception for the school acupuncture clinic where I have been a student for two years now.  I’ve

Why/When Volunteers Equal Growth

I'm in Summerville, SC, at my second clinic on Zem Tour (2012!).  MaryMargaret and Allison do not have any paid receptionists.  They have an invisible receptionist system that seems to work really well.  They could probably keep going as they are, and it would be fine.

However, I

The Clinic Isn't Ours Any More

so, yeah, the New Year's eve "look back, look forward" has finally hit for me. I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm humbled and motivated by what's happened and is on the horizon for my life and work, my clinic and CAN

Volunteers: everyone wins!

Pre-CANference 2, in preperation for Ellen's and my break-out session on using volunteers in your CA clinic, I surveyed the volunteers at PCA.  Here are excerpts from their responses:

How has volunteering (at PCA) made a difference in your life?<

How to Volunteer for POCA

Thank you for your interest in Volunteering for POCA!

To volunteer, a person must be a current member of POCA and have paid their annual dues.  A volunteer must also complete and submit to the POCA office an Individual Membership Application and a Volunteer Agreement.  Please see

Put your CAN to the meta & POCA to the max

Put Your CAN to the Meta

We are all creating meta-communication by doing Community Acupuncture everyday by working in our clinics. It&rsquo

Community Healthcare in "Little Tibet"

Dear CAN friends,

I have been in Dharamsala, aka "Little Tibet", in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains of Northern India for the past 6 days. 

Getting here is quite a process - two 8 hour flights from Seattle and all that entails, a 12 hour train ride

Community Qi: inside the treatment room and outside.


Two years ago, when I told my patients of my plans to convert the practice to a CAP, they surprised me that month by scheduling more visits than ever, at the old price