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I Heart Safety Data

There sure is a lot going on around here lately. Anybody else feel like it’s hard to keep up? Anyway, this could be two separate blog posts but I’m putting them together because they’ve got a common theme: safety data. Which I like

Job Task Analysis Data

Happy early AOM Day! To celebrate, we’re releasing all the data analysis we have of the JTA so far. If you want more, you’re going to have to help us crunch it. (Seriously, we are looking for willing volunteers to plunge into the depths of

JTA Update

Comrades! Our data party is a big success!

Two weeks into the JTA, we’re closing in on 800 responses. Given that this is the first JTA we’ve ever done ( believe me, it won’t be the last!), this is fantastic. It’s

POCA Is Throwing a Data Party and All Acupuncturists Are Invited!

POCA’s parties are famous, or maybe infamous depending on your perspective. When we were young and wild we had jello wrestling. Now that we’re grown up (lol), we’re having a Job Task Analysis.

What’s a JTA? It’s

It's a Wonderful (Co-op) Life

You know the movie It’s a Wonderful Life? The one where Jimmy Stuart’s guardian angel shows him what the world would be like if he’d never been born?

I had a POCA version of that recently.


WCA News 3/11/16

Don't worry -- nothing's on fire.

This post is about Working Class Acupuncture and CareOregon collaborating on a pilot project. This pilot will support innovative and strategic efforts within CareOregon to provide alternative options for treatment of chronic pain and anxiety/depression/stress. During the