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Plug One, Plug Two

For all of you familiar with 'Needles' - not to be confused with 'Noodles' - a brand new, updated version of the little book is now available! With cover art by POCA worker and Ad Astra punk Nick Kurtz! 

Why Did You Put That Needle There? The

Community Acupunks contribute to “Saplings”, a compilation of acupuncturists’ personal stories

The new book: Saplings - On the Path to Mastery is compilation of essays by sixteen acupuncturists and herbalists about their experiences of the first years of practice. It was edited by Carl Stimson, an acupuncturist currently living in Japan.

The book includes three wonderfully heartfelt essays

The Other Side of Our Medicine

What’s dancing on the edge of my list of Possibilities is a project for CAN writers and artists.I hope that someone other than myself is taken with this idea, because this project would have to get into a long

Shameless Nepotism Post

My brother in law, Keith Leon, has just written a book called “Who Do You Think You Are?”No, that’s not a challenge to your sense of self or family lineage; it’s a book about finding your life purpose.In the book, Keith interviewed 64 people regarding their