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We have several different Wiki’s on POCA.  Some of them are limited to certain membership types.

Jobs Wiki

(Open to the public.) Interested in being a punk?  Find out what it takes to work at a POCA clinic.

Newsletter Repository

(Open to the public.) Previous editions of POCA’s newsletter Sticking Together are available in the Newsletter Repository, which is open to the Public.  To receive current up-to-date newsletters, join POCA!

Circle Wiki

{Open to all members.) The Circle Wiki is full of POCA resources.  It contains the Virtual POCA Office with all the documents and files you might need as well as information on POCA’s great programs like microlending.  It also houses all the information on POCA’s departments, Board of Directors, and Policies.

Private Circle Wiki

(Open to POCA circle volunteers.)  This wiki is used by the Circles for various projects.

Mighty CA Wiki

(Open to acu-punk/acu-student members.) Are you a POCA Acu-Punk/Acu-Student Member looking to dive headlong into the how-to’s (and the how-not-to’s) of Community Acupuncture?  You’ll find lots of information in the The Mighty CA Wiki to set you off in a solid direction.

Employer Wiki

(Open to clinic members.) Are you an employer of community acupuncturists and in need of a hand with your considerable human resource responsibilities? Walk over to the POCA Employer wiki.  A POCA Clinic Membership is needed for access to this wiki.

And what’s a wiki you ask?...

wi·ki/ˈwikē/ noun: A Web site developed collaboratively by a community of users, allowing any user to add and edit content. (from

The most famous wiki (and probably largest) is Wikipedia. Here’s an article about wikis in case you’d like to read more on the topic.

Wikis are by nature works in progress. The information they provide are created by all of us. We are all potential authors of these wikis.  And while POCA members are invited to create and/or edit relevant content, a group of talented moderators will finalize all new additions to keep the wiki functional and accurate.  Adding content to the wikis requires a modest amount of HTML.  So check out…

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