View Headings and Table of Contents

Creating Headings will change the look of your text by making it bigger and bolder.  It will also make the headings appear on the table of contents for your page (if you enabled the TOC)

(up and to the right)
These instructions will make more sense if you are in edit mode.

To enable the table of contents type:

Table of Contents

  • Heading 2 Title

  • In most cases you will want to type this at the top or bottom of your page.  But the table of contents can go anywhere on your page.

    Headings can be used with or without the TOC. 
    Used with the TOC the headings will create entries on the TOC.
    Used without the TOC they will make bigger, bolder text.

    The biggest heading available in the wiki is h2
    To use heading 2 type:

    [h2]Heading 2 Title[/h2] 

    Heading 2 Title

    your content under heading two

    The next heading is h3 this will be smaller than heading 2 and will be indented under the previous h2 on the TOC.

    For an example of this click the view link above and see the TOC for this page.

    To use heading 3 type:

    [h3]Heading 3 Title[/h3] 

    Heading 3 Title

    your content under heading three

    Completing your edit

    Click the preview button to see what the page will look like.
    Click the edit link to return to edit mode.
    You can make further changes or click the green submit button to complete the process.

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