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Wiki Skillz

These tutorials will make a lot more sense if you follow along.  So..
Please push the edit link when asked.  Then you can see the code


After getting back into view mode you can check out these other pages for further instruction.

Modifying Text

Make your text bold, italic, or use a heading

Headings and Table of Contents

Organize your page

Linking to a Web Address

Creates a link to a url

Linking to a Email Address

Creates a link to an email address

Creating a New Wiki Page

Creates a link to a new page

Linking to an Existing Wiki Page

This helps readers with navigation


Other Resources

What we are learning here is called HTML.
Most HTML will work in the wiki but not everything…

HTML sites

Here are a couple links that can show you some more tricks.
There is one here.
There is a more extensive one here.

Another good way to learn about this is to go to a page that has already been created in a wiki (either here or in another wiki), click on the edit link on a page, and look at what has been done to create that page.  You can copy and paste if you need to…..

How to Copy and Paste


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