View Linking to a Web Address

This is really helpful when writing a wiki page.

Using this process you can create a link to a forum, blog, or outside website.  In short—anything with a url. 

Press the Edit Button Now

(its up and to the right)

1-type this:

[url=]your link title[/url] 

2-in another window or tab navigate to the page you want to link to
3-highlight the complete url for the page.  Copy it.
4-come back to the wiki and paste the url in after the = sign.


The final product will look like this:

To complete your edit—
Click the preview button to see what the page will look like.
Click the edit link to return to edit mode.
You can then make further changes or click the green submit button to complete the process.

Please Click the View link that is next to the edit link.

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