View Linking to an Existing Wiki Page

This process is very similar to Creating a New Wiki Page

Please click the edit link now.
(It is to the right of the page title)

To link to an existing page type the exact title of the existing page and put double brackets around it.
It will look like this: exact title of existing page
Capitalization doesn’t matter but punctuation and spacing does.

Complete your edit

Click the preview button to see what the page will look like.
Click the edit link to return to edit mode.
You can make further changes or click the green submit button to complete the process.

After submitting your edit you will see your link in red. Click on it to make sure it works.  If it does not work then double check your spelling, spacing and punctuation of the page title you want to link to.

You can see a real-life example of linking this page to another page that already exists right here:

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