View The Dos and Donts of visiting a CA Clinic

Visiting a CA clinic is one of the absolute best ways to get what CA is all about.  We recommend visiting as many as possible…and the best way to visit is by getting a treatment!  You will learn all kinds of things about the clinic from observing, and getting a treatment is the most unobtrusive way to observe.  You’ll learn a lot about your potential comrades/coworkers/employers by getting treatments from them!  If you want to make a good impression:

1) DO assume everyone is very busy.
If the clinic is busy enough to be hiring, they are probably too busy to drop everything and chat with you.  This very much includes the front desk staff!  With patients arriving every 10 minutes (or sometimes all at once), the phone ringing, patients needing unpinning, blankets needing fluffing, and charting to finish, the middle of a shift is not a good time to try to monopolize the attention of anyone at a CA clinic.  Be observant and respectful.

DON’T assume that people are so desperate to hire – or that you’re such a special snowflake – that you can drop in or call and expect lots of personalized attention right then. 

2) DO schedule your treatment in advance.
You will want to schedule a treatment from the owner (or one of the owners, if there’s more than one), so you can get a sense of how they run the show. 

DON’T schedule the last treatment of the day, if you can help it; you want to make sure that you’ll be able to see and feel at least some of the coming and going of other patients, and what the flow feels like.  If you’re the last patient, the party’s almost over!  Also: that’s probably already the favorite slot of a “regular.”

3) DO be honest, but be undemanding.
If you’re there because you’re applying for a job, tell everyone!  But treatment time is not the time to go into details about the job.  Act like a normal patient.  If you have a specific problem, let the person who’s treating you know; if you just want a tuneup, say so!  Let them give you a typical CA treatment—and then just relax and enjoy! 

DON’T ask the punk to explain their choice of points, or dictate what points they should use, and don’t ask them what your pulse says.  Don’t use this moment to regale someone with your qualifications, or inquire about the training, treatment style or life history of the person who is treating you. 

4) DO plan to pay for your treatment!
Do not assume that your treatment is free.  Some clinics treat other POCA punk members for free as a matter of course, but don’t assume this will be the case.  Remember: a busy clinic could be treating someone else in that time slot.

DON’T put the front desk staff in an awkward position.  And don’t worry, just pay what you can – paying higher on the sliding scale won’t increase your chances of getting hired ;^)

5) DO follow instructions.
If you get a favorable impression from your visit and want to apply for a *listed* job, as always, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS on the listing!  If you want to work there but they’re not hiring at the moment, send a follow-up email offering to volunteer in some way (e.g. on the front desk, or as a substitute punk).  Be flexible!  Small business owners are busy people.  Let them know best ways and times to contact you – give them options – but be patient and understanding. 

DON’T be inflexible about communication.  The phone is often NOT a good way to get a hold of a busy clinic owner.  If they say “email,” they mean email.  People will notice if you don’t follow instructions, and they will not want to hire you. 

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