View What Its Like to be an Employee Punk

From employee punks, in their own words…

“I like having coworkers that I get along with really well. I feel really supported where I
work. Before even when I had partners…I felt really alone. I am not alone anymore. We are there for each other.” –Anonymous

“For me Community Acupuncture isn’t just a business plan or just what I’m doing right now.  It’s how and who I am in the world. I went to acupuncture school for a skill set…I joined POCA to heal the world.” -Sarah

“I think I have learned so much. You know. It’s crazy how much I’ve learned. All the stuff I get to see because we see so many people. I think that’s a great thing about POCA – there’s always someone you can talk to about stuff. Not everyone is lucky enough to work with people who’ve already been at it.” -Mary

What Its Like to be an Employee Punk
Part 1 The basics of hours scheduling and patient numbers


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