You Again?

My, how things have changed!

  • If you are feeling confused about how to navigate this website, or if you need help logging in for the first time, pleas watch this great tutorial and then check out our Guide for the Perplexed.
  • Access to the forums Formerly Known as the CAN Member Forums -- now the POCA Acu-Punk Forums - are right here. There's a Forum tab on the Home page for easy access.
  • The provocative blog Prick, Prod and Provoke is available for all to read.
  • Explore the beautiful utility of the new POCA Wiki Pages - there's something useful here for all of our Members.
  • If your CAN membership has lapsed, and you need to renew as a POCA Acu-Punk/Acu-Student, head over here.

If you're really overwhelmed (believe me, we know the feeling!), let us know and we'll lend a hand.